At exp, we take our responsibility for the environment seriously. We encourage our stakeholders to be environmentally responsible. We promote an integrated approach to protecting our environment and to reducing waste and pollution. By working closely with clients for cost effective environmental protection and improvement, we aim to achieve a healthy environment and economic prosperity. We believe that a workforce committed to environmental responsibility is also committed to providing superior service to our clients.

  • We conduct our activities with a view to protect the environment, employees, clients and the community in North America and abroad; however, we strive to go beyond compliance and existing industry practices.
  • We seek to protect the environment through the wise use of resources and prevention of adverse environmental impacts. We will continually assess adherence to these commitments, and look for opportunities to continuously improve our performance.
  • We promote environmental awareness among employees, clients and contractors.
  • We communicate openly with clients, governments, employees, vendors, and communities to sustain mutual understanding of environmental, social and economic issues.
  • We manage all aspects of our projects and operations to minimize environmental impact and prevent pollution.
  • We train our employees to understand their role and responsibility in protecting the environment.
  • We continually improve our programs, procedures and methods to ensure we meet or exceed the evolving needs and expectations of all stakeholders.
  • We expect all employees and other stakeholders to embrace and promote these principles.