Environmental Site Assessments

Service Overview

Assessing the environmental conditions at a property is a critical part of completing any real estate transaction, corporate merger, acquisition, or refinancing to identify and quantify the potential environmental risks that might influence the value of a property or the operating businesses on a property.

With extensive experience conducting environmental site assessments for a variety of property types, including large residential developments and large industrial manufacturing facilities, our inter-disciplinary team ensures that you are provided with a broad perspective on site conditions.

Our Environmental Site Assessment services include one or more of the following:

  • Phase I ESA: A Phase I ESA is a systematic qualitative process to assess the environmental condition of a Site based on its historical and current uses.
  • Phase II ESA: A Phase II ESA is an intrusive investigation conducted to further assess the risks associated with the potential environmental concerns identified in a Phase I ESA, and involves the collection and chemical analysis of soil and groundwater samples.
  • Asbestos and Designated Substances Surveys: Asbestos Surveys and Designated Substance Surveys are intrusive investigations conducted to assess the presence of hazardous substances, such as asbestos, lead, mercury, and PCBs, within a building envelope.
  • Mold Surveys: A mold survey can be either a non-intrusive or intrusive investigation conducted to assess the presence of mold and, if present, the type of mold.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessments: IAQ assessments are conducted in order to evaluate the health risks to building occupants and typically consist of chemical analysis of indoor air samples.